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What is Vexoderm?

Vexoderm is a line of skin and wound care products with antioxidant and regenerative properties.

Vexoderm products promote the skin’s natural repair process.

All Vexoderm products are formulated with ingredients of natural origin.

Sterile Dressing

Vexoderm is a new generation dressing for moist wound healing. Vexoderm cleanses the wound bed. Its innovative design is the result of years of research on oxidative stress.


Vexoderm Gel+ is an innovative hydrogel for veterinary use with antioxidant components from natural origin for an optimal skin care.

Our technology

moist wound healing + antioxidant action

Moist wound healing

What is moist wound healing?

Moist wound healing is the practice of keeping a wound in an optimally moist environment in order to promote faster healing.

Research has shown that moist wound healing is quicker than the healing of wounds that are allowed to dry out.

Benefits of moist wound healing

  • Wound healing takes less time
  • Autolytic debridement is facilitated
  • Decreases incidence of wound infection
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces scarring

Conventional vs. moist wound healing

Antioxidant action

The excess of reactive oxygen species (ROS) hinders and delays wound healing.

The antioxidant technology neutralises the excess of free oxygen radicals in the wound exudate and reactivates the natural healing of the wound.


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